Glas jars with roses

Rose lid for glas jarFrom my friend Marika (of Stickeri stickera stickeralla) I got a little goodie box of fun stuff for my birthday. There were yarn, fabric, paper, the cutest little red knitting marker (with a lady bird on), a heart stamp and pink stamp dye colours!

My favourit was the package of rose napkins, something I think I collect. A sunny day on the pourch at my parents I cut some of the roses out and tryed decopage on glas. I used ordinary transparent lacquer and it was a fun little project. Imagine all the things you could use these jars for… Jam, lace, candy, candle holders, buttons, gifts…

Pink roses Mohair

I also got a lot of soft and beautiful yarn from Marika. Wow, the colours is so just me! Love these.

Dead leaf
One of many spring photos I took outdoors during Easter. I found this leaf in my parents garden. Isn’t it beautiful, even though it’s dead and soon will wither away for ever…

Dads CalendarOh, and I also wanted to show you my dads home made calendar for 2006! It contains his own digital photos of his orchid collections, and is made by some program hi had on his computor. I was really impressed because he is not great with computors, but this calendar he just made and then showed me. It’s hanging on the kitchen wall at my parents house.

Pink roses
Pink rose bought for my birthday, at my parents home.