May Inspiration Mosaic

Inspiration Mosaic - May 2010 (Mosaic by iHanna)
My inspiration mosaic for May 2010.

You can click on the image to get all the credit links at flickr, where you will be further inspired by even more photos by these lovely artists – or view this mosaic big for a closer look. :-)

Inspiration Mosaic II - May 2010 (Photo by iHanna - Hanna Andersson)
More inspiration in May. View big.

More creative inspiration

I also recommend you check out the newly created Red Cap Mushroom Love Pool and the most interesting photos of Quilts and quilting Pool – oh the inspiration, the eye candy, the joy!

7 Responses

  1. That is so springy :-)

    Much more than the weather here in Germany *shiver*
    But my days in Denmark some days ago were full of sun. Hopefully she was and is in Stockholm as well.

  2. Tally, yes the sun is warm in Sweden, and kind and generous. Sometimes, when it is not raining…

    Lillkussen, to make a mosaic you visit, under “Choose how you would like to select your photos” you chose “Flicker faves” and then add your flickr name: charlottae, and the mosaic is made and can then be saved or uploaded to your flickr account if you’re logged in. Yay. Let’s see yours now, though you have many “sames” as me, because I looked at yours and stole some coz you have such great taste!… hehe. Kram!

  3. here is the way I like the pics going horizontally (o being i like) :xoxxxxxooooxxxooooxooxoxx, oxoxooooxoooxxooxoxoooooo

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