Finding his own Creative Voice

On children and their gift of creativity:

And they [the grownups] think that what they are talking about is our gift of a mudpie. But it is more than this. It is ourselves – the place in us that wants to just give, out of love. So when they scold or ignore or dispose of our treasure, we think they are criticizing or ignoring or disposing of us. And as we grow older, we may not remember the mudpie incident, but we do internalize what happened when we tried to give the gift of our best selves.
Naomi Rose

I’m considering the quote above… I think it says that all our creative efforts are gifts of love!? Isn’t that so true! Gifts, not only to parents and people, but to the universe from our hearts. I ♥ that thought!
Watercolour Girl by MickeTheArtist I know Photoshop a bit as it used to be my main working tool when I was a webdesigner. But I rarely take the time to play with it. It’s a program that alowes you to do almost anything to your digital photos.

My brother, a.k.a. Micke the Artist (16 yrs old now!) as he calls himself online, have been playing in Photoshop a couple of times now. He follows tutorials online and experiment with layers, brushes and colors as he creates his digital art. He does his own artwork on the computer, something I’ve never done myself. I must say I’m pretty impressed! This Watercolor Girl is a transformation of an image he found online but the Skeleton Homie below is a photo he took himself of a friend and transformed like this:

Micke plays in Photoshop
Skellie Homie by Micke the Artist. Would be a nice wall “hanging” for Halloween, right?

My personal favorite is made from a photography that I took of my brother at my aunts wedding in August. This one:

Micke plays in Photoshop
Pop_Art_08_by_MickeTheArtist! He is such a handsome dog my bro!

What an incredibly cool mixed media art piece, right?! I so hope he will do more, create more, experiment and play with it all. Have fun with it. I’m crossing my fingers that he will.

Sibling love
♥ Me & Mikael.

My hope is that he, like me, one day will find his own voice through creativity. It really doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do something that is uniquely your own. It might take experimenting, trial and error, a bit of swearing and some disappointments to find your own way, but I do have faith that it is in there and that you can find it if you try hard enough. Tag Collage Go play my children, for thee is playful if yee want to be! ;-)
/reverant iHanna

Oh, by the way… The quote in this post is by author
Naomi Rose. I found it in her great article Healing the Writer’s Wounded life today. It had me almost crying and I think you should check it out. The word “writing” can be substituted for any creative adventures you do! I did find her site though her article Writing a Book as a Quest that I read, marked and posted in my link list of articles. If you haven’t checked that page of my blog out yet it can be found it the sidebar of my blog and it’s called Inspirational Articles Found online!

Bonus fun:
One of my favorite inspirations to go play in Photoshop is the Swedish illustrator Jojo Falk who has a playful approach to her photos, old and new! Both me and my brother likes her stuff! :-)

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  1. What a wonderfully talented family ! Your bro has a great eye ! It is also great that he has his sister encouraging him !

    I love your quote. Embracing our “child-like” qualities seems to be a theme in a few of my blog friends’ posts today ! I love it !

    Going to get my crayons out today and see what Kimbo feels like doing !

  2. Hanna, Naomi is such a find! That article hit the mark with me, let me tell you! Sharing with art and writing friends…Thanks!

  3. I had to read that quote three times before reading on – it’s so beautifully poignant ..

    Thank-you for sharing it ..

  4. Hi Hanna,
    You and your brother do great work in Photoshop! It’s addictive, isn’t it? To answer your question about how I achieve the effects in my photos — I work in Photoshop as well. I have not done any online tutorials but the cat will be out of the bag soon, so I will let you know that I am working on a second book that will be published by North Light Books in April 2010 — you can guess what the subject matter will be, eh?


  5. My hope is that he, like me, one day will find his own voice through creativity.

    I like that. Creativity makes people grow and it is also the best for a society it there is a lot of creativity. Even for the economics. I wrote about that very shortly in my blog yesterday (but in Swedish)

    Creativity is good for every individual, and good for the society.

  6. I like what you have to say here. Your and your brothers art is awesome. I love the homie skeleton…Yes, cool for Halloween.
    I like the idea of playing…with art…I do this myself…it’s all a fun game…and I often make people happy as a result. That I do believe is the very best part.

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