Quilting side by side with my Mom

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Mom's Blue Quilt

iHanna's Mom As promised, here is mom and the blue quilt she made alongside with me! I decided to make a pink quilt out of stripes as shown previously and she made hers is blue because;

1) she loves anything blue
2) it’s her signature color and pink is mine
3) mom has mostly blue patterned fabrics in her stash and:
4) she got inspired because I was inspired – so we made similar quilts!

Inspiration is contagious as you might know. Being around inspired people is the best thing to get your brain working. One of my favorite things to do is to inspire others, that is one of many reasons why I still come back and write this blog.

Mom's Blue Quilt

Making a quilt together with mom was a lot of fun. Viewing them like this, side by side, they are like a portrait in fabric of me and my mother. Quilts who show the personality of mom and daughter! Mom’s quilt is made by a person with a lot more experience, used to cutting straight and sewing correct. Hers is even a bit larger than mine.

Side by side
Again: Mom Quilt and Daughter Quilt!

Mine and Mom's

She also made a baby quilt (among other things) this month:
Baby blanket

close up
Close up of the baby quilt.

I like this pattern a lot! You cut squares as usual with this pattern, but instead of sewing them together side by side you draw a line on the backside from top corner to opposite corner on each patch. Pair two patches together and stitch on each side of that line and cut them apart. When you fold them up you have to squares made out of two triangles each! I want to try to make a quilt like that too some day!

And the bigger picture:
Mom's Baby Blanket

And some more blue photos I like:

Resting place
Resting place in the garden.

Favorite window view.

Mom's sewing room
Messy thrilling life – in mom’s sewing room.

8 Responses

  1. How beautiful to see this talented mother/daughter team’s work side by side !
    Cheers to blue and pink ladies !

  2. Beautiful quilts!

    I like those containers made out of
    material in your mom’s sewing room.

    The hammock look’s inviting.

    God Bless Your Creative Life!!!

  3. I love the photos of your mother-and-daughter quilts side by side! They’re lovely together, and show so much individuality as well.

  4. I agree with everyone that both quilts are beautiful and that you are both very talented. I like the baby quilt too. And thanks for telling us how she made the squares: I don’t think I would have figured it out. I’ll have to try that one day… when I do get a sewing machine!


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