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This is the second and last part for now with star-marked (new to me) blogs added recently to my long Link Love Page! This time it’s blogs that deal with Art, Photography, Good Life, Writing and Web-stuff! Plus some Swedish chicks that you shouldn’t miss! Yes, let’s link you up baby!

My Journaling Place
Right now, I’m the Journaling Princesses in bed, drawing princesses in my Art Journal.

This is a long post. Get coffee as they say! Or bookmark this post and visit one new blog each day during the summer. Really explore these links and go back in the archives of them to find yummy inspiration!

Visuals – Art and Collages

* Bridgette – Contemplating the Moon – magic art that fascinates me

* Jan – in my spare time – makes beautiful bookbindings and book art!

* Laura – Lady Lulu’s Braindump – love her blog so much, filled with art and craft!

* Paula – Little Scraps of Magic – art journaling inspiration that sparkle

* Susan Tuttle – Ilka’s Attic – dimmed scary cool photos

* Time with Tascha – paints round little ladies that are adorable!

* Katherine – Trying to speak – handmade books, art journals, drawing

Writing and Journaling

* All Freelance Writing – tips for both off and online writing

* WOW! Women On Writing – eZine for women writers, authors, editors, agents, publishers and readers

* Writing and Healing – another Must Read blog for anyone who journals!

Good life and happiness

* Bipolar Wellness Writer – about mindfulness, writing to heal etc. Must read!

* Daily Life Booster – author Karen Salmansohn’s blog with long articles

* It’s all about joy! – Megan writes about how to enjoy life

Business and web development stuff

* NETtuts – Web development and tutorials for geeks

* Seth’s Blog – great read if you have a lot of time at hand

* – about writing, blogging and creating content

* The Business of Art – tips for a successful career in visual arts

* ArtBiz blog – by Alyson who has a very interesting News Letter, plus check out her must read book about marketing I’d rather be in the Studio! (I love it)

Photography inspiration

* Little People – a tiny street art project – oh my gosh how cool this is!

* Pay It Forward Photography Resources – free stuff to enhance your digital photos!

* PSDtuts – Photoshop tutorials – nice resource if you’ve got the stuff!

* Shutter sisters – love this blog! A photo with fun writing and big hearts.

*Andrea – Superhero Journal – a photographer that touches her visitors greatly

Podcasts that inspire me

* Elsie’s Yoga Class: Live and Unplugged – podcast and videos about yoga

* Awesome Endeavors – Hip Slope Mama about family, lifestyle, spirituality etc

* Escape from Cubicle Nation Podcast – I like to listen to entrepreneurial inspiration

* Yoga Peeps – interviews with people that teach and live my favorite “sport”

* ZNE’s Circa Arte – Mixed Media interviews and talk about making art. Mmm! I’ve linked to this one before, but you should visit again as it updates often and has great long shows to download in the archive!

In Swedish or in Sweden

* Gunnels blog – quilting both with paper and fabric. Cool stuff!

* Inger – Hello Craft Lovers! – artist that does it all so darn well!

* Nina – – artist that posts about drawing and painting

* Bokhora – a lot about reading by a couple of Swedish gals (I don’t like the name which means Book Whore – but I enjoy reading it nonetheless and secretly I wish I could be a bokhora too!). In Swedish only.

I hope you enjoyed that marathon of great blogs. I will do another one later when I’ve found a couple of new loves, as I do all the time.

If you want more
(are you crazy??? haha, you’re in great company then!) the first part of Link Love can be found here:

Creativity, Inspiration, Craft and Life – blog love part I. :-)


11 Responses

  1. Wow – THANK YOU for all the wonderful new links to check out. I’ll never get off this computer! Particularly the journaling and web dev ones (right up my alley).

    I love your stuff!! And I always look forward to seeing a new post from you in my Bloglines.

  2. Thank you so much for including me and my little round ladies to you list of wonderful blogs! I will enjoy looking at all of them.

  3. Hey thanks for visiting my blog and for all the wonderfull links you have posted here…it will take forever to get through them all….one at a time methinks! beautiful art every day… I cant think of anything better!

  4. Hanna,
    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog–even though I’m a middle-aged American baby boomer–not a Swedish chick (a smile). I can’t wait to start reading your other recommendations!


  5. I feel like I won an academy award! Thanks for the link love Hannah! I’m still making my way through your last list. I can’t wait to look at these too! Happy Monday!

  6. Thanks so much for including me Hannah!

    Your blog is GORGEOUS. It makes me want to craft, and I am the most non-crafty person you will ever meet.

    Thanks for being a creative drink of water to our tired eyes.

    All the best,


  7. Thanks so much for the shout out!

    Because of it, I got to discover your wonderful site. Your dedication to arts, crafts, fun and beauty truly inspire me to nurture my creative side everyday. I look forward to visiting your website again & again.


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