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Have you noted todays date?


From my flickr favorites:
My favorites July 2007
Click on the image to get to the photographers and crafters.

And here are some of the links that has drawn special interest from me lately. A lot of colour this time; craft, rooms, clothes, patterns!

  • Butterfly by wood cloth pin!
  • These chairs – colour and flowers, mmm!
  • Babie onsie – for any babie that has has got a crafty motherMini Quilt ATC I
  • Patchwork furnitures – eye candy that makes me smile inside by designer Lisa Whatmough. Amazing stuff!
    [via oh joy & love forever]. When I see these I realize how boring my own home is, and how few things I’ve made there myself!
  • Summer skirt patterns – links from Thimble, for those of you who want to try to make a skirt
  • Beautiful wallpaper to drool over
  • Making your own mini journal – so cute and easy to make. [found via CRAFT magazine, where I’ve found a lot of these links, a great craft resource]
  • Pleated pouch – beautiful and with a image tutorial that looks easy enough.
  • Wallet shrine by Sister Diane. I love the idea but I don’t know what to put in mine right now…
  • Doll quilt – one of many I’ve seen lately with colour patches on white. Yummy!
  • How to knit marzipan – very pink and cute (and vegan). I wouldn’t eat it though.
  • Burda style sewing patterns looks nice. I need a lot of cloths and have fabric. Maybe I’ll make a pair of Ruby shorts some day? If I dare to try maybe.
  • Bitty boots are adrorable. Make a couple if you have a kid in your life.
    Inspiration of color
  • When I get my first car I know I’ll want to sew seat covers in pink and also make a CD case for the mirror!
  • Bag of flames crochet inspiration for the cool kids.
  • Belive it or not, when I spotted this I put in my link list to read it “later” – gaah. But now I’ve read it and you should to: How to overcome procrastination once and for all!
  • Magazine images: Mandy at Tree Fall Design has posted images from some magazines here and here – magazines I’d too love to own but viewing some of the pages online is okey too for now!
  • I can’t help it. Every time I see a granny square project or any blanket that is crocheted I want it, I want to make it, I adore it! After the ripple craze I’m now into these!! I found a pattern here but haven’t tried making one yet.
  • Craft room inspiration and interview with Emily Kircher, recycle artist that makes crocheted rugs. I have to post my blue soon too!
  • Harmonized melody - ATC

  • Acts of gratitude a post by Poppalina. You have to read this if you are a crafty blogger. It made me proud both to be a crafter and apart of this community to read it. Also read this post!
  • This is how I want my own shop to look like: Sofias in ?n?set.
  • Now what? is a mixed media art zine – with eight issues online. Something for your arty girls to print, browse and enjoy if you haven’t found it before.
  • Gillian’s inspiring images (lots from japanese magazines) and mk’s inspiration and these too. Who needs magazines anyway?
  • More colorful furniture in this post – click and enjoy.

Mini Quilt ATC III Mini Quilt ATC II
ATC I quilted from some scraps in mom’s sewing room.

I hope you have time to look through some of this links, they are worth it. Take care and hope you’re having a colourful day!

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  1. Hej Hanna – hvordan laver man s?dan en flickr billedmosaik?

    Hvis jeg skalhave bare en lille chance for at vise nogle af mine Pariserfotos p? min blog, s? m? jeg vist t?nke i billedmosaikbaner…

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