Some spreads from my Moleskine this time. Most of the pages/spreads are very personal and private, but these I don’t mind sharing with the you. Maybe you’ll get some ideas to spark your own journaling with collage, sketching, writing, note taking? I hope so.

Coupland Quotes

While reading Coupland’s Life after God I had my journal with me and copied some quotes that I liked into it. This is new to me, but I really like it! Try it you too. My book was from the library and in Swedish with Coupland’s own drawings on each page. I really liked this book, hence all the quotes.

Rose sketch

Another quote from Coupland and a sketch of a rose that I made. The rose was on the table, a yellow one that dad picked from the garden.

Diary entry

A diary entry that wasn’t written on a plain page but on a magazine image that I glued to this spread before I started to write. I do this sometime and I love writing over magazine images (if they’re not to dark).