First notebook I ever made

First note bookThis is my first attempt at bookbinding!

This little notebook is made from simple copy papers in different colours, that I bought for the printer a year ago. It’s a very simple notebook that I made at home. Now I’ve started going to a bookbinding group, where I try to learn this art form.

I was inspired to make this after reading a book about bookbinding, Barbaras böcker. ♥ I need to buy that book soon, I need to own it! Owl it!

And the owl illustration, that I found in a old school book. (The image is a picture of a Tornuggla, a Barn owl in English). Who doesn’t love owls? I know I have a growing thing for sculptures, images and fabric with owls right now. Where will this obsession end? Will I go buy a onesie for a baby – and then… frame it? That would be strange, right?

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  1. If you are anything like me, yes, you will buy the onesie and frame it, unless someone stops you of course…lol….this is how I am. But, oh how fun to have these excertions from the everyday! –Lia

  2. oh, I forgot, I took a kelly kilmer class and learned how to sew a “signature”, hope I remember the term right. It was a lot of fun. my daugther ended up altering the little book for her best friend before she left for college…I’ll try to post on my flickr. (artjunkgrl)

  3. Great little book! Bookbinding is so awesome – the process kinda frustrates me but the results are always really cool. And isn’t it nice to have your very own sketchbook or journal that you actually made?

    Owls are very popular at the moment it seems – and who wouldn’t love an owl? They’re so elusive and proud. I love them too.

  4. Hi Hanna,
    Welcome to spending the rest of your life addicted to making books! And I’m with you on the owl love too.
    Cheers, lj

  5. jag har nyligen f?tt den boken (barbaras b?cker) och den ?r j?ttefin och inspirerande, t?nkte sj?lv b?rja pyssla ihop lite b?cker till helgen. s? ja, den boken rekommenderas!

  6. i love your little creations. you must have magic hands — anything craft you set out to do, you do beautifully!

    i love bookbinding! i wish i had more time these days to bind notebooks again. =)

    — ian from the philippines

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