First note bookThis is my first attempt at bookbinding!

This little notebook is made from simple copy papers in different colours, that I bought for the printer a year ago. It’s a very simple notebook that I made at home. Now I’ve started going to a bookbinding group, where I try to learn this art form.

I was inspired to make this after reading a book about bookbinding, Barbaras böcker. ♥ I need to buy that book soon, I need to own it! Owl it!

And the owl illustration, that I found in a old school book. (The image is a picture of a Tornuggla, a Barn owl in English). Who doesn’t love owls? I know I have a growing thing for sculptures, images and fabric with owls right now. Where will this obsession end? Will I go buy a onesie for a baby – and then… frame it? That would be strange, right?