I got this idea from a crafty acquaintance, and I think it is very smart. I’ve made stamps before, but this is the easiest way. Not for small details, but for patterns I think it works great.

This is how the stamp look:

I took a pink sheet of foam rubber (you can buy it in a craft store) and cut out some shapes. Swirls, dots and stripes. I then glued them to a wood block, a cube that I had after making collage cubes earlier this year. Using a cube I could make six different stamps in one – one at each side of the block.

I’ve used it in my art journal with acrylic paints, and it works very well. I wanted to share it with you girls, incase somebody wants to try something like this.

Just looking at this picture makes me want to add things to my art journal, but tonight is knitting night, so that’ll have to wait a couple of days.