365 Collages | Week 34 | Invest for the Future

We’re in the beginning of September and the week number of the year is 37. Not sure you have week numbers in your calendar, but if you do you already know this. But on posting my collages for 365 collages in 2018, I’m on week 34. So if I could post just three more weeks this week, I’d be caught up. That isn’t really realistic, but at least I know what I am getting closer to getting caught up again.

But tomorrow we’ll take a break from collages for a VLOG – a.k.a. video log. I’m excited. I hope you’ll be too.

Open Season - Collage no 233 by iHanna
Open Season, collage by iHanna.

When Im by myself, I can be myself, which is what I want to be. Not just a part of someone else. Jean Culligan

Yes, it’s true.

I will be sharing my very first vlog tomorrow (Yay!). It is something I’ve been wanting to do for many years, so I’ve collected video clips everywhere, without getting to the point where I share them. But now I’ve edited the first one!

So stay tuned, subscribe to posts via e-mail (although embedded video is often not visible via e-mail, but then all you need to do is click the header in the e-mail to come visit and see the embedded video material) or check your RSS Feed Reader for a new blog post tomorrow! Or just watch this space. Here’s seven new collages for now.

Happy Monday friends!

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365 Collages | Week 33 | Cut things away as you go

Fresh but Vintage - Collage no 230 by iHanna #365somethings2018
Fresh Vintage, a collage by iHanna.

Isolation is aloneness that feels forced upon you, like a punishment. Solitude is aloneness you choose and embrace. I think great things can come out of solitude, out of going to a place where all is quiet except the beating of your heart. Jeanne Marie Laskas

I am doing a 365 collage project this year, and this week I’m presenting you with seven new collages fresh from my art table. They’re a mix of printed, commercial patterned papers and my own hand-painted papers, with some magazine pieces thrown in for color and variation. Continue reading

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365 Collages | Week 32 | Catching the Ladybug

It is not necessary that you leave the house. Remain at your table and listen. Do not even listen, only wait. Do not even wait, be wholly still and alone. The world will present itself to you for its unmasking… in ecstasy it will writhe at your feet.
Franz Kafka

It is bugging me that this post and these collages are sooo late, but… here they are!

Don't bug me lady - Collage by iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage #art
Don’t bug me lady, collage by iHanna.

I am just a little bit irritated with my 365 collages in 2018-project right now. Just as I was catching up about 2,5 weeks ago, I got sick again. One of those Rick Astley colds Never gonna giiive you up-kind that makes you forget what energy and life is all about for a while. Where did all of August go? It disappeared in a cough!

I got it just as I got home from a work trip to Birmingham, which you will have seen photos and video from if you follow me on Instagram, and after that nothing happening on the blog, at all.

I have been wanting to share the impressions from my trip (some photos and fun purchases), new journaling content etcetera etcetrera, but it took all my willpower to finish the magazine layout that I of course had a deadline on, while I was sick… So that’s why the blog took to a halt. Like it sometimes does. It just felt extra bitter because I was so very close to catching up with my 365 collages! But let’s not complain any more about that. I have made a new batch of beautiful art this week, and today I finally scanned, titled and uploaded the lot.

So let’s take a look, shall we?

Oh Bite Me Sucker - Collage by iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage #art
Oh Bite Me Sucker, collage by iHanna.

View point for Ants - Collage by iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage #art
View point for Ants, collage by iHanna.

You Challenge Me - Collage by iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage #art
You Challenge Me?, collage by iHanna.

Jazz me Up Scotty - Collage by iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage #art
Jazz me Up Scotty, collage by iHanna.

Going Backwards - Collage by iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage #art
Going Backwards, collage by iHanna.

Come closer if you dare - Collage by iHanna #365somethings2018 #collage #art
Come closer if you dare, collage by iHanna.

Lots of little bugs this weeks, and passive aggressive titles because of being sick and wanting to do so much. :-)

If you enjoy this collage series feel free to pin this image to a Pinterest board:
iHannas 365 Collages Week 32 2018 #365somethings2018 #collage #art

Thanks for being here, and reading my blog, being my favorite supporter and leaving me a comment below. I want to know which of these collages you like the best – and why? I’m curious & appreciate your comments so much. :-)

365 Collages Continues – check it out

This project is part of my 365 Somethings 2018 and I call it 365 Collages by iHanna.

Follow me on Facebook and then check out Pinterest. You can also check out / follow the hashtag #365somethings2018 on Instagram (where I’m @ihannas) to see what’s happening there. Want news on workshops, sales and swaps I host? Sign up for my Newsletter.

Bonus collages: Feel free to take a look at the 2013 week 32 of collages, when I did a 365 project. And leave me a comment there too, I read them all and feel very grateful if you take the time. :-)

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Make Jewelry from Wood Beads

A great Summer Craft Idea, is bringing out a bowl of painted wood beads, and stringing them together to make wood bead jewelry.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind dont matter, and those who matter wont mind.
Doktor Seuss

Making Wood bead jewelry and sipping my coffee

Slow down with beading

You can sit down by yourself, and have a quiet moment with your coffee. Most people consider colorful wood beads a craft material for children, but I love the look of them.

I have painted naked wood beads myself but prefer the glossy, finished one you can buy in big jars at the craft store (often kid’s section though).

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365 Collages | Week 31 | Only the Best

The more things you do, the more you can do.
Lucille Ball

Jumping to Conclusions - Collage no 211 by iHanna
Jumping to Conclusions – Collage no 211 by iHanna.

Collage number 211 to 217 of my 365 Collage Project. Romance again, a wee bit of my favorite colour pink – and a feeling of spring as autumn approaches. But this is what I was feeling right now, in this moment.

Bright, refreshed, ready for work and more of everything.

I hope you like the collages my dear.

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365 Collages | Week 30 | Chillaxing

Again, seven new collages fresh from the artist’s table. With these I am wishing you a chillaxing weekend!

Passing the ravine - Collage no 205 by iHanna
Passing the ravine – Collage no 205 by iHanna.

Chillaxing you ask? It’s chilling and relaxing put together, a lovely word if you ask me. It is the ultimate state of chill and relaxation. I hope my collages today will offer you some well deserved shade and a windy breeze…

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365 Collages | Week 29 | Capture the Moment

Today it’s time to celebrate again. I have reached collage number 200 of 365, another great big and wonderful milestone! So let us leave our worries of giving up behind, and continue forward, towards the goal.

Ghost of a Town - Collage no 197 by iHanna - week 29
Ghost of a Town, collage by iHanna.

The theme of these collages can be seen in the vintage illustrations of a few Rollieflex cameras, that made me think of photography and capturing the moment. Being in the moment, while documenting it and so on. I hope you like these collages, with some quotes thrown in for good measure.

You can always hoover over the image to find out what number it is in the 365 project/year. Enjoy.

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365 COLLAGES | Week 28 in 2018 | What a Crazy Idea this was

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.
Norman Vincent Peale

I am trying to create 365 Collages in 2018. In this post you will find seven new collages for Week 28. When thinking about this project right now, I am asking myself: Who the heck came up with this crazy idea?

New Project & Invitation: create 365 collages in one year - with iHanna (Hanna Andersson, Sweden) #365somethings2018

It was me, myself and I that decided to do another 365 collages this year, so I have no-one to blame but myself. Darn!

Everyone is tired of seeing the same start of blog posts every week, right? 365 collages in 2018… yada-yada-yada! I’m tired of it. I’m ready to give up, and yet I’m not. I really want to finish, because there is immense satisfaction in scanning seven finished, square collages made on vintage target practice paper, and saying: Yes. I made those. I finished yet another week of collages. I can do this!

Me, myself and I can finish this huge and right now burdensome collage project. Right?

It was Crazy to fall behind

The stupidest thing I did with this project, was falling so far behind this winter when I was just starting out. I can’t even remember how that happened, but probably I was too tired to make it to the studio too many weeks in a row. It’s the “being behind” thing that bugs me most right now, so that is why I’m posting two collage posts each week right now (14 collages a week!), so that I maybe, just maybe can catch up! That would be a dream to me right now, and I’m not that far away from doing just that. Yay!

It’s not a good idea to fall behind when you have to make a collage for each day, because if you fall behind 14 days, that is a lot of work to catch up on.

But it’s not the end of the world to fall behind either. At least that is what I’m telling myself. If you push yourself to work towards your goal, you can and you will catch up. Right?

Here are my seven collages for this week, showing 7 steps of progress:

After the dry spell - Collage no 190 by iHanna - extra week 14
After the dry spell, collage by iHanna. Extra from week 14.

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Art Journal Peek: A Love-fest Without End

An Art Journal is like a wonderful Pride Parade for all people under the rainbow, all creatives that are willing to have an open mind towards personal creativity. It is like a virtual Love-fest Without End.

A lovefest without end by iHanna #studioihanna

I have been keeping some kind of Art Journal for over 10 years now, and I hope I never stop. I hope my family won’t let me stop, even when I’m old and forgetful and rather just stare at the TV screen…

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365 Collages | Week 27 | Shabby Chic Style

iHanna’s 365 Collage Project in 2018 is proceeding on the blog as usual, and in her life. If you’re not clicking over to visit the blog a couple of times each week, you’re missing out on the exciting adventure of cut and paste on squares…

Spelling bee - Collage no 183 by iHanna
Spelling bee, collage by iHanna.

We are now on Week 27 (collage number 183 to 189) and we’re visiting the interior decorating style called “shabby chic”, a kind of off-white, romantic country style of shabby furniture and gingham table clothes, with a vintage vase one the table full of pink roses (or peonies!) to finish of the look.

Can you see the rooms, the style, the welcoming atmosphere in these seven collages? Let me know in the comments, will ya? Coz I’m inviting you in for lemonade in chipped glasses and cookies made from grandma’s recipe…

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