I have started a new project. It is about repurposing an unused and expired planner/ calendar, and giving it new life. It’s the kind of enriching and fun project I love to do because it costs next to nothing (except new glue sticks) and it saves a notebook from going into the trash unusued.

Repurposing an unused calendar and making it into something beautiful - tutorial by iHanna

I think we all have a few of them laying around somewhere? Printed calendars that you only used for a week or a month, and then forgot about? Or even (the horror!) never started on or got into? Beautiful covered, sturdy notebooks with dates from times past… Did you keep them because you felt bad about throwing away such beautiful thing? Maybe it was a deargift that you are keeping because you think it will lookungrateful to discarded it? What ever the reason, it’s quite sad because now that it’s later – how will you ever be able to use it? Plus indeed, it is wasteful, no matter how you look at it. But you can do something with your old calendar, and that is start using it in a new way.

I know the dates are wrong, I know! But what if you covered the dates up? You could write in new dates and week numbers for the current year. Or use stickers to cover it up…. You could paint over the pages and make it into an Art Journal. You could even rip out the pages and use the cover to make a new notebook…

Unusued calendar - what to do with it? I have some ideas...

There is always something you could do that is (probably a lot) better than trashing it. That’s why you were made creative.

Around here,I got this old planner from my mom actually, who got it as a gift. It’s a purple, very sturdy Day-planner with a week on two spreads (it’s from 2016) by Paper Blanks, who does beautiful durable notebooks. This one is called Aubergine and it’s silver embossed, with a elastic closure and two bookmark ribbons and cream colored lined pages! Who could throw that away, right?

Repurposing this Abergine Paper blank calendar into a diary for iHanna

If you fall in love with this cover, you might want to check out the notebook with the same
cover (undated but lined); Paperblanks Aubergine Journal on Amazon.

Purple is not mom’s favorite color, nor is it mine, but I still wanted to use it when she gave it to me to “do something with”. And I wanted to do something creative and fun, because as you know, that is what I do.

So after some consideration, I decided to make it into a glue book slash diary type of journal for myself.

Back of the Aubergine Calendar from a few years ago - Photo Hanna Andersson

Glue Book to journal in

So with my beloved glue stick in hand, I have started to cover the right hand side of all the pages with collage. I’m only using magazine images for this journal (mostly because I have a lot of that around) and I am in love with the result already.

Unusued calendar from Paper Blanks turned into a collaged in diary / journal by iHanna

Well, I love the result and I love all the other aspects of it too. The browsing through piles of magazines, the rinsing of them (cutting out every last bit I like and then getting rid of that magazine by putting it into the recycle bin), sorting through image folders and then finally, gluing things down that are colorful, happy, beautiful or simple interesting to me (those are my categories for choosing images I guess).

I started with about 2-3 spreads, then the next day I journaled on the first spread, and I loved it. I like the look of the different photographs and my handwriting together.

Love it.

Repurposing an unused calendar and making it into something beautiful - tutorial by iHanna

So now I will keep working on it further through summer. I will be adding in things to my Aubergine re-purposed calendar and turning it into my current diary. A summer diary I guess, because now summer is here!

Do you like the idea? If you try it out let me know.