Glass Christmas Tree from Venice

I’m popping in to wish all of you a Merry Christmas today!

It’s Christmas Eve and we celebrate Christmas today around here. My tiny Christmas tree is out, a gift from the glass blowing island outside of Venice this autumn. But even though it’s a tiny tree the celebration is not tiny, nor is my heart. As I woke up alone this morning, no husband and no kids, I was thinking about all the lonely people out there. We’re a big bunch and we’re looking for each other. But on the way there is hugs to give, family to spend time with and love to share if and when we can. I have a great family that I get to spend the holiday with, but not all are so lucky… I’m sending out lots of metta love today, from my heart to yours! From my family to you, because even though we all feel lonely sometimes and there are lots of trouble in the world – I believe we’ve gotta stay hopeful and inspired – especially today.

Here’s to a merry holiday – to Everyone!

Tiny Christmas Tree from Venice photo by iHanna
💝 And isn’t this tree the cutest ever? I adore it!
Love to all my friends all over the world! Take care of yourself!