Creativity Was Here

Creativity happened here
You can still see the evidence! 

At some point, I’m sure of this, Creativity Was Here. It was in my head, on my desk, everywhere buzzing… But not this weekend (because I was away doing other fun stuff), not yesterday (because I was working) and not tonight (because I’ve been doing the laundry all night and then got caught at the computer working), but at some point I know it was here.

I will try to have a date with Creativity this week. How about you?

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  1. I love finding the marks of creativity left behind. A whole other piece of art, isn’t it ?
    Happy Creating and happy Summer, Hanna !

  2. I love the look of all the paint that gets left behind. I agree with Kim, above, that it looks like an artwork unto itself. And what a great reminder to get yourself back to creating when you put aside some of those more practical matters! I’m getting better and better at having a daily date with creativity, even if it’s just a quickly stolen moment. Good luck finding time for yourself!

  3. I have run away to try and find some quiet time and space to create! I arrived past 10pm…it is now past 1am and I can not sleep… I hope to get up with the sun and paint and collage and commune with the Muse.
    It has been too long….wish me luck.

  4. Now in summer time I found it more difficult getting time by My self creating.
    The family comes first but the need of create are enormous.
    All the thougts of what I want to do.
    But Soon I Will get some time ( I hope :-)

  5. Hi! I found your beautiful blog wheb googled for fabric beads. I love your colourful works! Sunny wishes from Finnish woman living in Crete! x Teje

  6. I love the evidence left behind after being creative – sometimes more than what I’ve actually made. I have been trying to make time, if not every day, at least a few times a week to actually craft – it keeps me sane!

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