There is quite a lot to read in the book Raw Art Journaling, so it’s taken me some time to get through it all. Part of it I read at the beach in August. And now it’s time for areview!

Raw Art Journaling - making meaning, making art by Quinn McDonald The book Raw Art Journaling (making meaning, making art) is written by creative coach Quinn McDonald, and she does a great job encouraging us to find our way to our (sometimes hidden) creative side.

The book starts with how to deal with the inner critic, a.k.a. the gremlin and allowing yourself to make mistakes and dealing with fear. It’s a great book for beginners, especially since Quinn’s approach does not require paint, paint brushes, fancy pens, expensive crayons or lots of fancy papers… You don’t need anything (but the book!) to get started!

Raw Art Journaling book

I wouldn’t have called her style “raw” (maybe doodle art journaling? or free form? I guess “raw” just feel more messy to me), but let’s not get into semantics here. Let’s look at what you’ll find inside this book.

From the book Raw Art Journaling by Quinn McDonald

The book has two main aspects or tools for you to use: journaling (writing in different ways) and doodling (drawing lines, swirls and imaginary landscapes made out of those lines and swirls). And then combining the two. In the journaling part you’ll learn about haiku, found poetry, framing your writing and such.

From the book Raw Art Journaling

The imagery is scars but effective and just enough to lead you in the right direction. I really like that the exercises are so precise and descriptive. It gives you somewhere to start, and once you start it’s hard to stop.

I feel inspired by the long descriptive exercises – and I have marked quite a few sections that I want to go back to, when I have more time. I’ve already made one of the doodles described in the book (confetti lines on page 73) and I am set to finally create a jar of words I like (described on page 32-33) for all kinds of prompts. I adore drawing repetitive patterns (page 74-75), an exercise I do all the time, filling page after page in my notebooks.

At the end there is a chapter on a few easy to make journals (in pamphlet stitch, one accordion style, etc, and taping together index cards to make an accordion journal).

Found poetry tutorial in the book Raw Art Journaling

To me this approach to art journaling is a bit unusual from what I’m used to, where everyone starts with a thick layer of acrylic paint and then builds up layer upon layer! ;-)

So, all in all, a great book if you want to get started on Art Journaling! Read it and you will learn how to slow down, find your creativity and have lots of fun with just a pen and some paper.

More of the Raw Art Journaling

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