Art Journaling check in – Week 4

Monster Lips

Last week there was no weekly check in report about any daily Art Journaling, mostly because I didn’t have time to write it but also because I didn’t do much Art Journaling, at least not daily. I was away during the weekend and took a lot of photos that I am really happy with, I also did some diary writing plus doodling in my diary while at a very nice caf?!

I did use a few of the links of inspirations collected in week 2. I tried painting a copy of a fabric design (though not photocopying it), the red dots above was inspired by a Klimt painting (isn’t his beautiful paintings and those quilts inspiring?). This week I’ve coloured in the monster, now I think he looks more like an alien… The monster kind of went away when he got blue eyes and pink kissable lips… maybe.

The alligator dog
I also followed Carla’s alligator tutorial using my watercolours! Layering with watercolours is new to me and my first try was not very well performed. I will have to practice. Though I rather like the alligator dog that came out from the exercise!

A pink doodle rose
The rose was another try at free drawing with the paint, the black lines added afterwards… It looks nice, but not at all as I intended! Roses are a favorite, but not something I can draw very well. Will practice more this summer.

Art journaling in January

Lastly I wrote about the alligator dog, and did a collage on the right side. I’ve also printed my post Creative Ideas for 2011 and glued those ideas into this art journal for reference!

Next weeks inspiration

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  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of weeks, and I just wanted to come and say ‘hej’! You and your posts are so inspiring!

    (from a fellow creative Swede, now living in London)

  2. I like roses too, but indeed, it is very, very difficult to draw
    or paint them.
    I did a lot of collages with the queen of flowers: THE ROSE.
    And I can not stop to do this.
    I found a lot of wonderful poems and createtd Haikus with this subject (them). Here is one:

  3. very interesting monster and an aligator dog. hanna your creativity is amazing. love the colors you are using on your pages. good bold colors for this time of year.

  4. Your alien drawing is great! It makes me laugh (a good thing of course!) I like the collage on the page next to the alligator dog and the rose. I am trying to do more drawings in my art journal. I am not practicing though, nearly as much as I should be!

  5. i love the monster and it looks like a she-monster – shester. lol i love your journaling and the color, amazing color.

  6. Love your monster : ) Your blog is inspiring. I would like to post as often as you. I feel much better when I have time to journal too. Thanks for stopping by!

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