Music doodle

Today I’m sharing a few of my scribbles that I did while listening to music, and letting the music inspire me. I thought today was a good day to share these because I’m at a music festival called Peace & Love today and listening to some cool bands. It’s out of my usual zone of things to do, so I’m quite excited about going.

Music doodle7

The music doodles are also out of my normal routine, but extremely fun to do and I recommend that you try it out. I got inspired to do these drawing exercises when artist Jane Davis shared them on her blog. This one is called Blind scribbles, and it’s very freeing to do! I loved putting on some music and then just letting the pencil dance over the paper.

Music doodle detail

But even more fun was continuing working on the random, quite ugly scribbles and colouring it in with pens, markers and paint. I just love the result!

I used a big paper and filled the whole surface. Here it is big:

Music doodle big picture
This is the second doodle I did, with a black marker and then coloured in with pens.

Big picture quickie
This is the first doodle I did, using a pencil and then coulring it with paint and pens.

Thanks Jane Davis for the inspiration! Next I’m reading her book Collage Journeys: A Practical Guide to Creating Personal Artwork that I’ve ordered from Amazon! Looking forward to learning more from her.