Sketchbook peek: security envelope grid

Another peek into the ongoing Sketchbook Project… This time security envelope patterns; blue lines creates a checked pattern (grid style)…

Security envelope grid

On the left page a grid of blue squares; a bingo card, blue paint chip, a blue semi-transparent envelope lining and a wavy grid lining, plus part of a magazine photo of a fabric with lines. On the right a ballpoint pen grid that I drew using a ruler, and a red label. I am using a lot of red labels in my sketchbook. They will reoccur on my pages as explanations, commentary or quick poetry. I have even printed special ones with the header “grids and lines”, hehe.

I am keeping it simple with my sketchbook, exploring lines and grids through “minimalistic collage” (I try!). You can find my profile at

How is your sketchbook project going, if you have one?

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  1. i am loving what you are doing with your sketchbook! when i read your topic i had no idea what you would do with it so it has been fun to see your pages so far.
    i was really working on my own a few weeks ago but then started some other projects. thanks for reminding me that i’d better get it back out and get to work!

  2. Hi Hanna! Did you receive my message a couple days ago via your blog contact? Let me know your thoughts… you can email me back.
    Many thanks!

  3. Hi Hanna, :-)

    You’re making remind me that I yet have to draw in a lot of the pages of the Sketchbook! :-p So, yes, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Phew!

    And I also believe that “to keep it simple” is the key to finish this sketchbook on time. ;)
    Yours looks great, so far! :-D And you didn’t chose the easiest subject, so I’m impressed.
    And I had forgotten about my account on Arthouse. I will need to update it with my sketchbook pictures!
    Take care, :)

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