Interview about Art Journaling

Art Journal #7

How long have you been Art Journaling? My answer:

I started Art Journaling shortly after starting my blog back in 2004. It was then I entered into the magic new world of online creativity, craft, art and mixed media adventure. I bought Lynne Perrella’s beautiful book Artists’ Journals and Sketchbooks from Amazon and read it several times before I jumped in and started my first art journal, a big spiral bound book that was filled with sturdy papers.

Read the rest of the interview with me over at Connie’s inspirational site 30 journals in 30 days, go read it!

If you’re here for the first time, from the interview maybe, check out my category on art journaling and make a hello-comment! :-)

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  1. “I also strongly believe that YOU and everyone on this earth are creative beings. Creativity comes in many forms and flavors, and happiness comes when you find what is right for you in your life. It might take some digging inside of you to find it, but when you do you?ll be happy you took the time!”

    ..beautiful! :)

  2. That is the same book that started it all for me ! Loved the interview at Dirty Foot Prints, Hanna. It is so fun to know more about some of our favorite artists and what inspires them to inspire us. And isn’t Connie great ?
    Happy Creating, Talented One !

  3. åh du inspirerar mig något grymt! jag har gjort dagboksliknande grejer innan, men mer i collage format.. inte så mycket färg..

    Men nu ska jag dra igång redigt.. har börjat lite smått med en bok till min blivande son..
    Det jag vill säga är.. Tack för underbar inspiration! Dina böcker är en underbar balans som är svår att uppnå.. det ska lagomt till.. eller som michelangelo sa om sina stayer.. jag slutar att hugga där huden börjar….:)

    Keep it up!

  4. I just started an art journal – literally, the glue is still drying on the first pages – and I love your blog. Thank you for the wonderful combination of eye candy and know-how!

  5. …and in the interview Hanna said,
    “It is because this practice I sometimes dare to call myself an artist these days.”
    – at which point Genevieve fell off of her art stool!

    You are SUCH an artist!

    You are so talented and fearless in your art journal – such an inspiration to me – such amazing color, content and always new techniques. Thank You.

    Great Interview!

  6. Thanks for your comments!

    Anna-Sofia, tack f?r att du tog dig tid att kommentera! Balansen har jag hittat d?rf?r att jag s?kt en himla massa, den varierar med dagsformen, men jag blir hemskt glad att du ser den och uppskattar den. Tusen tack!

    Thank you for your comment and for correcting my mistake! ;-) I AM an artist, I know, though it is true I don’t always dare to call myself that. I appreciate your generous words though, and take them to heart!

  7. H ~ terrific to see you in the spotlight as you are such a generous soul and fabulous advocate for journaling and many other art forms. You encourage curiosity and expression by sharing your authentic artistic self and we LOVE that about you.

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