Charming Little Thrift Shop

Cute thrift shop

A house in the Swedish country side, a road less traveled. A quick stop when we spot the welcoming sign – and a wonderful find where I could not help but to take out my camera to snap some photos of all the vintage wonderfulness…

Cute thrift shop

Cute thrift shop

Cute thrift shop

Vintage Wonderfulness

While traveling this summer I came upon this lovely vintage shop in the country brilliantly called Lantik. I would have guessed that the man and woman lived in the big house and held a room in their house, plus the outhouse, open for visitors. It was such a lovely place with the roses growing outside and the feeling of Country Romantic surrounding. Just the place I’d have if I had money to live in a house like that!

I hope you like the photos I took.

Cute thrift shop

Baby plants in the garden.

Cute thrift shop

Roses looking in, plates looking out.

Milk box

Some vintage things are so ugly the become kitschy. Other are simply divine.

Cute thrift shop

There is so much junk in the world, that nobody needs or wants.

Junk at the thrift store

The spines of vintage books speaks to me.

Cute thrift shop

12 Responses

  1. That is so cool! When we travel to the stuga, I always want to go on Saturday morning so I can stop at all of the loppis marknads between Gavle and R?ttvik.

  2. Super pictures as usual, Hanna. You have a gift for photography. BTW, I want all those beautiful books. I can just imagine them gracing my bookshelf, looking so elegant!

  3. vilken mysig butik, synd att den ligger s? l?ngt fr?n mig. f?r f?rs?ka komma dit n?sta g?ng jag h?lsar p? sl?kten i s?rmland :)

  4. I love that distressed green dresser. Looks like it might have a nice bit of history to it. The plants in the pram are gorgeous. What beautiful and interesting photos you take Hanna.

  5. Beautiful pics Hanna, I’d love to be able to visit this a shop as charming as this one (Thanks for sharing it with us!)

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