Rainbow jewelry
Come visit iHanna’s blog and get a bit of the rainbow… Hehe.

Rainbow jewlery

If you feel gray...If you feel a bit gray in your everyday life, maybe you need a sparkly boost of color? Put on your best jewelry and shine, this works special wonders if it’s a necklace that you’ve done yourself! Those creative gems are the best self-esteem-boosts ever, I know because every time I put on my own handknitted socks I feel warmer. Anyway…

Happy Me!

I’ve wet felted these wool balls all by myself as I’ve already mentioned – and now decorated them with sequins, beads and small embroidery stitches before stringing them together into a rainbow-necklace! I also added glass beads that I’ve bought from China (on Ebay) and love, plus two large metal beads on both sides (from Panduro).

See all that? It makes me smile!

Rainbow jewlery

Rainbow jewlery

I heart this
Heart-charmingly fabulous!

Rainbow jewlery

I have only wore my felted bead necklace for these photos, but as you can understand I’m very very happy about it!

iHanna Rainbow Necklace
Rainbowgirl posing.