Exhibition at Nordiska

When my friend Maria came to visit we went to the Summer Craft Exhibition at Nordiska Museet in Stockholm. This year the exhibition is called Wooden Figures. Maria is a woodcraft teacher so of course she wanted to go see it and I was happy to join her. Anything creative gets me going.

Wooden figures

If you are a skilled crafting artist you can make anything in wood:
Wood figures at the exhibition
Amazing sculptures!

These dolls were, together with all the birds, my favorites:

Wood figures at the exhibition

Some of these little figures really got my creative juices going. I want to make my own (don’t I always?)! I wanted to try making wood people and then paint them too. So now I’m planning to buy a knife and start carving… The only thing that is stopping me is my experience of woodcarving from last summer where I cut myself. I did my very own krympburk with the aid of my friend Maria ( I never posted it here!), but now I see blood whenever I imagine myself cutting with a sharp knife… I might not pursue this right now. I do love my fingers as they are. But wood is inspiring, isn’t it?


At lunch Maria borrowed my camera and took this photo of Stockholm from above:


I took this one, can you see all the cute ladies with hats:

If you are in Stockholm this summer, Nordiska museet is a great museum to visit and the carvings we can especially recommend! Big, airy museum filled with Swedish culture, you’ll get everything from vintage embroidery and doll houses to set traditional tables and carved parrots!