Some random images

Today some random photos with a theme.
Evening sky.

Mom's necklass
Mom’s necklass. I made the string using my dollie. Mom put the it together with a clay bead! Easy and cool! You can get your own hand made knitting dolly at my friend Maria’s etsy shop!

Mikael's shoes
My cousin was borrowing these but she didn’t like walking in them. They were my brothers first pair of shoes and they usually hang on the wall in my parents house. Beside them their is a slightly more worn pair in red. Mine.

My breakfast one crisp autumn morning.

Blue cup
Thrifted coffee cups with blue roses. Hanna ♥ vintage cups! You can see the whole pile here – that is the pile from one flea market! They were only selling big plastic bags not items, and when you had your bag you could fill it with everything you wanted. I got these and a lot of vintage books!

Jocke, my grandmothers dog.

View out over the river this summer.

Photo theme was; blue! Did you guess? Tomorrow I’ll go for warmer colours. Have a great day and if you have the time, tell me which of these photos you like the best – and why?

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  1. Evening sky looks like something I’d like to attempt to paint in watercolors or even if I got brave- oils! Very moody shot, appeals to me. Can feel that cool breeze blowing.

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