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Heart ornaments

I’ve always loved all the heart shaped fabric ornaments you see around, and have thought that I’d make some for a long time. I actually have some in my stash that I’ve sewn but not finished. But for these I just sat down and did! Sometimes that is just the right way to do it. Don’t think or plan to much, just do it.

For these heart ornaments used green felt fabric as backside, and a couple of the squares in fun fabrics that I bought at Ebay. They remind me a little about Kaffe Fassett, the crazy green fabrics. I really like them, to bad we are not having a tree… I’ll just have to figure out another way…

In a magazine recently (I think it was in House & garden at the library) I saw branches from nature that was painted white or silver and put in a vase. So simple, yet so beautiful. You could leave them like that, or add glitter and ornaments… Heart ornaments? Maybe I’ll try to find some branches tomorrow.

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  1. Your fabric choices are perfect. Festive and bright. I lost a rather large branch on a Japanese maple in the storm. I was thinking about using it in the house somehow. Love your idea of decorating with your hearts.

  2. I saw those branches, too. A very easy but beautiful project. They would look gorgeous next to an enlarged photo that you took of the snow and red berries.

    Love your hearts.

  3. hej hanna!

    vilken inspirationsk?lla du ?r!
    just d?rf?r vill jag sprida kreativiteten vidare och l?nkar till dig p? min sida. hoppas du tycker det ?r ok.
    keep up the spirit!

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