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Do you look for “the perfect planner” every new year? Do you then settle for an “okay one” and dislike the layout of the pages? Yeah, me too. But now I’ve got the perfect solution for you! Create your own calendar! It is super fun! Print, customize and enjoy!

Do you love washi tape, tabs, cutting paper and being creative? Do you like to map out your week and make sure your meeting your values each day? If you enjoy creating things that is personal and made just for you then maybe it’s time you make your own Printable Calendar. Get the full year in weekly and monthly overview, print it and assemble as you prefer to use it. Add on extra pages for lists, memory keeping, inspiration and motivation.

There are lots of calendar inspiration & free tutorials on my blog to use for your DIY Calendar.

What the Printable Calendar kit includes

Here is what’s included in this 55 page PDF-file:

  • Weekly 7 day pages of the entire year. Undated so you can use them for as many yeas as you want to. All weekly pages include the number of the week, word prompts to keep track of your life and three sections for appointments etc
  • Daily word prompts to remind you to take care of body, soul, personal creativity and projects and record how you are feeling on that day with a grade of your choice
  • An encouragement or happy thought on top of each weekly overview.
  • Monthly overview pages: One month per page to plan the bigger picture.
  • 6 months overview on one page, undated January to June and July to December, so you can get a overview of the upcoming months.
  • A page to define your own scalee – give each day a rating and decide what it should mean to you. It could be about work, your health, mood, the weather or anything else you want to rate daily.
  • A definition page – decide what the five different daily word prompts should mean to you. Make your calendar personal and keep track of what’s important to you each day!
  • A tabbed index template for creating your own index dividers + a list of printable words to create your own tabs included
  • Plus a wee how-to assemble & user guide for more ideas on how to set your calendar up.
  • Also a fun Empowerment of the Year typography page at the start of the calendar: This year is going to be awesome!

Buy it now

Buy the undated Calendar by contacting me via e-mail – you’ll get an instantly downloadable file!
– Swedish version also available, for 85 SEK – contact me and I’ll send it to you.

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DIY Calendar Inspiration

iHanna Love! I have been using my own do it yourself calendar and planner pages for several years now. As I update it for 2014 I posted some fun, free tutorials to my blog on how I use these pages, how to create your own tabbed index to divide sections and more! Here are a few posts to get you started on your own calendar adventure:

  1. How to make your own Planner – customize a ring binder that fits your purse!
  2. How to create your own transparent divider – find today’s date quickly
  3. How to Make Your Own Index Tabs – use those fancy papers!
  4. Thoughts on Personalizing your Planner – why size matters, and more
  5. What kind of paper I use to print on – cream colored love

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