A whole lot of vintage wall paper collage photos in a mumble-jumble together in many layers, as I found them on a wall and captured it with my camera. Enjoy.

Vintage Wallpaper Wall Collage - photo by iHanna, Copyright Hanna Andersson

This cottage is for sale, and could be mine – if I had the money for it plus a piece of land that we could put it on… I kind of liked the cute look of it, but when I went inside I fell in love with the walls.

No floor cabin in Sweden - photographed by Hanna Andersson @ihanna

This cabins has only minor flaws. Like that it had floors that was a bit flawed – all so that the garden flowers could grow indoors. I kind of like it. Also, it has no isolation, no heating, no water, no nothing from the modern world except wallpapers (in some places).

I think that the last person that lived here left long ago… maybe 1965? And no interior designer has taken on the task to “spiff it up” yet. I wonder what the Swedish interior decoration program ntligen hemma could do for this cute cottage? Where is Martin when you need him?

The walls were beautiful, almost like times own collages:

From the outside this little Swedish cabin looks rather robust, and I hope it will find new owners that can lovingly take care of it, but for me, I’m happy just to have photographed all the wall paper collage loveliness inside for now.

Fun fact: out of 2 GB (!) I have filled 97 % at my flickr pro account this month. That is a lot of photos, I tell ya!