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Wanna take a workshop with Hanna Andersson, a.k.a. iHanna? Then you’re in the right place. First workshop is ready for you right now, and more is coming this year.

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I, Hanna Andersson, have been teaching online for many years, but until this year I haven ot hosted a workshop on my own. I am super excited to present to you my first mini workshop this spring! It is an embroidery mixed media workshop called Stitch with Love.

Workshop: Stitch with Love

Stitch with Love Embroidery Workshop with iHanna 2017 In this workshop I, Hanna, will show you how to create an Artist Trading Card on fabric (it will be a miniature pieces of art), how to use free-form stitching, create mixed media embroidery by painting the fabric, and how to finish of a lovely textile ATC, Artist Trading Card! Yay!

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Other Workshops featuring iHanna: Hacking the Color Wheel

I am one of the guest teachers in the class Hacking the Color Wheel in session in 2017.It’s about book binding, art journaling, color play and experimentation. Please sign up via my link, in that way I get a small payment for the part I created in this workshop.

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