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Zine benefits

I mentioned in my previous post how I altered the second batch a bit, allowing myself some creative freedom. I took the time to colour in all the little me in the sketch of me and Smilla. I have a jeans skirt on, but after a few of those I changed the skirt colour because […]

The Zine Swap | A Zine Can Be About Anything

I was in a zine swap and I got back this tyvek envelope containing ten (10!) handmade zines jam-packed with goodies, articles and creative inspiration! Rigt now I’m going through my pile of zines, over and over. I love them all so much. I participated in an annual zine swap set up by Alma Stoller […]

Odd ball charm zine by Alma Stoller

Last week I received Alma Stoller’s zine Odd Ball Charm ! I got issue #5 and I wish I had all of the previous ones because they are so cute – and all about craft projects too! I read so many crafty blogs and books and look at so many projects that you wouldn’t think […]

Coloring a mandala and being published

It’s February already, did you notice? I’ve been away from the computer for 2,5 day sleeping. I don’t know what happened but I was tired all the time. Maybe it was some kind of virus or just winter sleepiness? I did nothing except dreaming, but dreaming is very good for you as you might know, […]

The Art Card Challange + Zines

Sketch in my altered book/art journal: I know you girls really don’t have time for this… But I’ve made a list of the best magazines I know about journaling and art journals. Please let me know if you know of one I don’t know about? Related PostsCreating a new habit with my Daily Art Cards […]