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Ocean Embroidery

The Ocean Embroidery is a collaboration project with my embroidery group. I created the blue ocean using transparent fabrics that I cut out like waves before I attached them using the sewing machine. That was the start of this pieces, after that it has been touring the homes of ten women who all added their […]

Dixieland Tree Embroidery

I’m proud to present the Dixieland Tree Embroidery with hand stitched patchwork border, batting as backing and lots of small stitches all around: Dixieland Tree – Embroidery ready to hang. What do you think? While working on Dixieland Tree I have really had many beautiful moments that I cherish in my heart. I was visiting […]

No dinner tonight

I don’t feel like making dinner, so this is what I’ll have tonight in front of the telly. Painting some brown wood frames in a new colour. Eating a cookie. Having a cup of tea. Looking at the moving pictures at the TV, waiting for the sun to set so I can enjoy the candles […]

Not on my wall yet

I’ve started to notice other peoples walls lately, and what they hang there – maybe because I do art to hang on the wall myself? Or maybe because see things differently now? I look much closer, and gather ideas on artists that I find interesting and home decoration, in my mind. Sometimes I even have […]

A triptych of yummy stuff

I do not like the colour of my kitchen, it’s orange. I do not like the border of apples and pears that is crossing right over the wall paper on the middle of the wall. But since I live there and see it everyday (and can’t afford to redecorate!), I try to do the best […]