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As seen on Instagram

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray. Rumi Distractions. Everywhere. Or: the path forward? I keep painting, doodling, doing my thing. I’m drawn to these things, as … Continue reading

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The Heart Cat Story

The Heart Cat (Hjärtekatten) is a Swedish Craft Project that I joined when it started this spring. It started when two Swedish women in Gothenburg sent out a call for crocheted softies to give to children that suffers from some … Continue reading

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Embroidered ball / Singlad boll

My embroidered ball is finished, and I am very proud. It took quite a while to cover the whole surface with stitches but I looove how it came out! My embroidery group have been learning to make these and everyone … Continue reading

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Tutorial: How to Handsew a Patchwork Ball

Yes, it’s time for a tutorial, don’t you think? I promised this one when I made balls early this summer and quite a few of you were interested in learning how to make this pretty toy! I have had it … Continue reading

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Hand sewing is my new knitting

As I’m tired of knitting I’m turning to handsewing for the first time, as a craft. And I like it a lot. Stitching those tiny stitches to attach pieces of fabric to another one is as meditative and repetitive as … Continue reading

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Cloth dolls now with clothes

I made a couple of little personalities this summer, but I never got around to finish them. Or at least, feel that they were finished. Charlotta is a white cloth doll with stripy hair and embroidered eyes. I love how … Continue reading

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Scottish patterned teddy bears

A couple of weeks ago I drew a pattern of a little bear, and cut it out in a fabric I got from Mimi. It is inspired by some online teddy bears that I’ve seen that uses thicker wool fabric, … Continue reading

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Mullis the little mole

This is Mullis the little mole. I made him a couple of months ago, but then I added brown buttons as his eyes, which made him look blind. I didn’t like him like that. So now that I’ve taken the … Continue reading

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In Dandelion World

Follow me and see Robin the free hand crocheted teddy bear by iHanna! Tell me his cute!? Continue reading

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