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Sewing a very red Owl Tote

Red is such a beautiful, strong colour. I love red, but sometimes, in my passion for pink and turquoise, I forget about red. But today red has its moment of glory! Because we’ve got this Nature Trail Curtain Fabric with a warm red background to the forest animals, and a basic red fabric to match […]

What to Do during April Weather times

The lost Bear that Karen made, is sitting in the window looking out. One day when it was snowing outside, she thought to herself: I think I will stay in and make art! Related PostsMy Own True Genius – Collage art – before and after A Jar of Creativity Curious Customer

Kawaii means cute in Japanese

I’ve finished today’s Daily Art Card and scanned the cards from the last four days into the computer. Before that I was sitting on the stairs outside sewing together a crocheted duckling and listening to podcasts that I’d downloaded to my pink iPod! Life feels good. Now I’m off to upload these kawaii teddy bear […]

Needle felt a tiny teddy bear

I bought a needle felting kit at Ebay last year. There are 10 colors of wool, a couple of special needles and a foam-rubber-like cushion in my kit, and it was actually cheaper to get it from the US than trying to find it here in Sweden for that money! I’ve made a tiny heart […]

From Mom’s yarn basket

I found a ball of white wool yarn in mom’s knitting basket. I couldn’t resist it. I crocheted another amigurumi teddy bear, my first white one. I really like her blue eyes and black full eye-lashes. What do you think? This one has already moved away from home (to Kiruna!) and will be a baptismal […]

Little flower bear

I’ve crocheted quit a lot this summer, traveling around. I crocheted some softies, but non of the small creatures have a faces yet… This teddy bear though that I created the other day, I finished very quickly: It’s a flower bear in blue for my mother’s growing collection of bears. This bear is a little […]