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Traveler’s Notebook: Random Journaling

Random journaling, that’s what I fill most of my journals with. Some books are more random than others, and then even when I give a notebook a specific purpose, sometimes random things end up in there anyway. I think it’s … Continue reading

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Art journal peek: home of random things

Another quick glossy collage in my art journal, contradicting the “art” part but very much feeling like “a journal”. Like a home of random things, of my ephemera. Again, a thousand circles living on one spread: polka dot wrapping paper … Continue reading

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Protect your work surface

Now that I’m in love with rolls of brown wrapping paper I want it everywhere. I’ve rolled some out on my work surface. This paper has been protecting the desk from getting dirty with acrylic paint while I was painting. … Continue reading

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Random about iHanna

Sweat Pea-Kate have made a list of 2o random things about her, and she tagged me to do one too. So if you wanna know 20 random things about me, keep reading… 20 random things about iHanna 1. I like … Continue reading

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