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Inspiration to draw a Geometric Mandala

I am drawn to circles as many of us are, and I want to draw them everywhere. A Mandala is a circle that you can fill with whatever you want. Though the ones that are at least a little bit … Continue reading

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The Mandala Guidebook: How to draw, paint and color expressive mandala art

The mandala craze that started a few years ago on the internet is everywhere these days. There are plenty of pretty mandala coloring books to chose from if coloring is your thing, but how do you get started if you … Continue reading

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The Writing Landscape

I can get lost even when I have a map in hand, because I have no sense of direction. But maps fascinate me, and I’ve used a lot of vintage maps in my art. I especially like the metaphor of … Continue reading

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A Fun Craft-a-Doodle Challenge for kids

During studio time (a now sought after thing) that includes crafts, creative exploration and lunch, we doodled for quite a while. We were really inspired by the book Craft-a-doodle that I reviewed yesterday. We (two grown ups and two kids … Continue reading

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Drawing Exercise: A Yellow Bird

Ive heard it said that every day you need half an hour of quiet time for yourself, or your Self, unless youre incredibly busy and stressed, in which case you need an hour. I promise you, it is there. Fight … Continue reading

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iHanna Drawing a Mandala

I have seen mandala drawings and zentangle doodles online for years, and I’ve experimented with them myself. I’ve found Mandlas in collage and through photography, and if you know my fascination with the circle this comes as no surprise. I’ve … Continue reading

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What I Wore today

What I wore today, in drawing. First I was doing an exercise to create a 6 minute diary page l Linda Barry, author of the book What It Is (that I own and totally recommend, it’s awesome). She wrote: … Continue reading

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Music doodles

Today I’m sharing a few of my scribbles that I did while listening to music, and letting the music inspire me. I thought today was a good day to share these because I’m at a music festival called Peace & … Continue reading

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Art Journaling Bunny Power

April, a doodle with coloured pencils on a piece of black paper, that I later taped into the ongoing Art Journal: Can you believe that April is soon over? Wow, it just swooshed past me! The right page is watercolour … Continue reading

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