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Project Diptych | Creating Your Own Photographic B...

Project Diptych | Creating Your Own Photographic Book

Bookmaking combines almost all of my passions in life; being visual, inspiring others, planning/thinking of creative adventures, writing text, documenting life and enjoying beautiful smart books in general. It’s all there! iHanna I’m reading my own post How to make a Blurb Photo Book published in April last year and I realize I’ve already discussed […]

Diving into Photo Diptychs

Diving into Photo Diptychs

Sophie a.k.a. Miss KoolAid, asked if I’d be interested in doing a photo project with daily diptychs (two images that work together) together with her. This is our first diptych: Team Diptych is all about Daily Photography I said yes to this project because; 1) I’ve been wanting to take more everyday photos but I […]