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Stay around to read about art journaling, quilting, my collages, some ideas for living a good life, or check out the ephemera and pretty notebooks I sell in the Studio Shop.

About you

I wish you good luck with your dreams and creative adventures. I hope that you will try to be creative in some way every day and that you’ll feel free to share that process with me. Feel free to send me comments or feedback – I read everything but don’t always find the time (or energy) to answer back. I appreciate that you want to follow along on my journey.

My hope is that I will inspire you on your own creative journey.

PS: If you have some time to waste, check out my blog – I’ve been blogging for the past 15 years so there is a lot of stuff here to help you create your own creative practice and get into the habit of creating, you can learn how to alter and recycle everything from old books to furniture.