Junk Journal TN no 03


A sewn junk journal with a yummy one-of-a-kind painted soft cover. This is lovely regular size traveler’s notebook insert with extra many pages and an eclectic mix of “junk” journal pages to work on – plus some journal fodder in the back pocket as an extra little gift.

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Cover of Junk Journal no 003A hand-made junk journal made by iHanna in Sweden. This beautiful regular size Traveler’s Notebook insert is made out of mostly magazine pages and other things heading for the recycle bin… But lucky enough, it’s now saved and bound into a sturdy, beautiful junk journal perfect for collage, writing or mixed media play.

This regular size traveler’s notebook insert comes with a back-pocket filled with journal fodder; little bits of paper to play with in your journal, as an extra gift for you!

Inside each of iHanna’s Junk Journals you will find an eclectic mix of pages, made from a diverse source of papers, including book and magazine pages, notepaper, patterned scrapbook papers, brown paper, wrapping paper, paper bags, painted papers made by Hanna herself, calendar pages and more. It might even have some washi tape, labels, or images glued in already, just to make it extra special and exciting to work in.

Example of some of the spreads inside this junk journal, click to view bigger:

Example of spreads inside this Junk Journal no 003 for sale by Studio iHanna Shop

All Junk Journals has plenty of pages! There are no less than 19 leafs plus smaller pages in between, so all in all about 70 pages!

Please note 1) This journal is hand-made with love by a non-perfectionist, so it’s not all that straight or even (see images) – but full of little imperfections for you to love!

Note 2) I hope you’ll find joy in filling each new spread, and that you will be surprised by what you find inside and by what you make of it yourself. I create out of my big love for creativity and color, and my hope is that you’ll find that joy too within these pages.

Also know that shipping outside of Sweden might take up to 1-2 months right now, and it is out of my control when any items from Studio iHanna’s Shop arrives. Sorry about this.

Cover of Junk Journal no 03 made by iHanna

Watch the Video about Journal Release nr 1 2021:

Additional information

Dimensions 11 × 21 cm

Hand-painted one-of-a-kind cover made by iHanna, on a wallpaper piece of paper




A baby pink silk ribbon to tie around its belly.

TN size

This regular size Traveler's Notebook measures 11 x 21 cm (approximately 4.30 x 8.25 inches).

Extra gift

Each junk journal includes a pocket with little bits of "journal fodder" from the desk of iHanna – added in for your collage pleasure!