Yes. You should write a message on the back! Dont send it blank. I know you dont know this person youre addressing, but a blank card feels very impersonal to get. Just say hi and write something about yourself, the weather, your inspiration for the card, your materials, or anything you like.

If you are writing something on the front of your postcard, with hand lettering or collage, avoid negative sayings or words. If its something that would make you happy and that you would feel empowered by it will be awesome.

Please share your email address on the back, and write it in print letters, as a way for the receiver to contact you. Many swappers feel that they want to let you know your postcard arrived, or simply to send a “thank you” when receiving a card – others will not bother with that. It’s all up to the individual, but it would be awesome if you gave them the option. The best way is to print a small label with your name, e-mail and any other information (postal address if you want to, or blog address if you have one). In that way it will be easy to read and you don’t need to hand write it 10 times! :-)

Lastly, don’t forget to add the correct amount of postal stamps – and put it in a mail box when you’re done!

This page is part of the Postcard Swap FAQ