How “original” does it have to be?

All your 10 postcards should be original artwork!

Art is about making something new that did not exist before, or transforming it to something that is yours.

What does original art mean?

Original art is handmade. That means that you do not send out photocopies or printed postcards that you have had printed yourself or bought from another artist. Those are not originals but copies.

But to duplicate your own style or to repeat a motif that you love, and make similar postcards is totally okay. Its also fine to make all of them different. For me, I love working with a theme, so that you can tell that all ten postcards belong to the same “series” but they are all slightly different and of course, originals.

That two original DIY Postcards looks very similar does not matter since you will only be sending one to each person on your list, right?

You are the artist. Make it fun for you!

This page is part of the Postcard Swap FAQ