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How can I keep Track of everything in the swap?

How can I keep Track of everything in the swap?

There is a printable and free DIY Postcard Swap Tracker that you can download and print for this swap. It’s the perfect tool to remember who you sent postcards to, what postcards you’ve photographed and shared online on social media, and who you receive postcards from. You do not have to use the tracker of […]

Can I share the postcards I receive Online?

Yes you can share the postcards you get. In fact, I think it’s great if you do. The swap is about inspiring each other and if you share what you get you’ll inspire even more people. Each creator has the copyright, but as long you’re purpose is not commercial it is okay to share them […]

I only got very few postcards – what should I do?

Wait a bit longer please. Remember that things can happen. People get sick, or forget to check their e-mail. International mail can take several weeks to get to you. There is no guarantee that you will receive 10 postcards, I can not travel around the world and make people follow through on a swap they […]

There is no e-mail address on the back! Can you he...

No, sorry but I can not. If the person sending didn’t add their e-mail to the back of their card I will assume they choose not to do that. Maybe they’re not comfortable sharing it. So I will not give out their e-mail to you. Send them a silent thank you in your head, that […]

Where are my 10 addresses?

Are you saying to yourself right now: I did sign up, but never heard from Hanna, the hostess of this swap. Where are my 10 addresses? I’m sorry you have to ask that! Here’s what I think: This is an e-mail/service provider problem I am encountering over and over again. I can assure you that […]