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Do I need to write a message on the back?

Yes. You should write a message on the back! Dont send it blank. I know you dont know this person youre addressing, but a blank card feels very impersonal to get. Just say hi and write something about yourself, the weather, your inspiration for the card, your materials, or anything you like. If you are […]

What should I do with the backside?

A Postcard backside consists of two areas, one for a greeting or personal message and one for the address and stamp of the receiver. You can draw these lines and areas yourself, or use my free printable backside and glue it to the back of your artwork. I think you should always add in a […]

How “original” does it have to be?

All your 10 postcards should be original artwork! Art is about making something new that did not exist before, or transforming it to something that is yours. What does original art mean? Original art is handmade. That means that you do not send out photocopies or printed postcards that you have had printed yourself or […]

What materials can I use?

All mediums are welcome in this swap, so please use what you are most comfortable with. Although remember that loose or chunky bits might get lost in the postal handling of your postcard. You can draw, doodle, paint, decoupage, collage, sew, stamp or mix it up as you please. You might want to know that […]

What Size should my Postcards be?

What Size should my Postcards be?

I’m not dictating the size of your postcards. I suggest copying the size of a regular postcard to make a template that you can use when creating yours. There is a standard size for postcards in some countries – but there are no rules about size in this swap. You are free to create whatever […]

Where are my 10 addresses?

Where are my 10 addresses?

Are you saying to yourself right now: I did sign up, but never heard from Hanna, the hostess of this swap. Where are my 10 addresses? I’m sorry you have to ask that! Here’s what I think: This is an e-mail/service provider problem I am encountering over and over again. I can assure you that […]

What if I signed up and then cant participate?

There is no refund if you cant participate, but please let me know as soon as you can. If you have signed up and then realize you cant create all the postcards on time, because you might have gotten sick or something else unexpected happened, please just let me know as soon as possible so […]

Will I get a confirmation e-mail when I sign up?

Signing up is a two-part process. When you pay the fee via paypal you will get a receipt after your payment is done. When you have gotten that, which should just take a few seconds, go back to the sign-up-page and below the payment button there is a form, which you must fill in in […]

What is included in the fee?

I am charging a small fee (8,50 dollars) for participation in the postcard swap that I host. The fee helps pay for the time it takes to arrange a big swap like this one, to host the blog and pay for having a newsletter. The swap has 100-200 people participating each time, so it takes […]

I dont have paypal. Can I pay you in cash?

Sorry, no you can not. I can not except cash or checks at this time. But thanks for asking. But there is still a way if you don’t have a Paypal account, read on! When you click the pay-button you will be directed to a paypal page, but you do not have to have paypal […]

Can I pay with a credit card?

If you don’t have a paypal account or don’t want to create one you can still join the swap. You can absolutely pay with your VISA or other credit card, but you will have to do it through Paypal because that is the system used for the swap. Click the paypal button, but instead of […]

Can I sign up my kids / grandchildren for the swap...

No you can not, sorry. This is a postcard swap for adults. I dont think it is fair game to the kid creating, nor the few people that receive kids art but dont appreciate that kind of thing. But please, let your kid make postcards along with you, and send those out to friends and […]