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When is the next DIY Postcard Swap?

The swap has grown to be a beloved feature of my blog, and many participate year after year. I open this international postcard swap up for participants twice a year; once in spring and once again in autumn (CET – Central European Time). That said, there is no set date when that is so I […]

How can I share this Swap with my friends & family

How can I share this Swap with my friends & family?

If you have friends that are creative (or that you think should be more creative) you can invite them to be in iHanna’s DIY Postcard Swap too. Create, connect & share – that’s the swap slogan after all, so the more the merrier of course. My Suggestions Forward The Newsletter to them, if you are […]

I need some Inspiration. Can you help?

I’ve got plenty of content on this blog about making mixed media postcards, including video tutorials, photo tutorials, visual inspiration and a Pinterest board full of DIY inspiration. All you have to do is take note of what you like and then start experimenting on your own. Inspiration is everywhere Here is a good place […]

How can I keep Track of everything in the swap?

How can I keep Track of everything in the swap?

There is a printable and free DIY Postcard Swap Tracker that you can download and print for this swap. It’s the perfect tool to remember who you sent postcards to, what postcards you’ve photographed and shared online on social media, and who you receive postcards from. You do not have to use the tracker of […]

Can I share the postcards I receive online?

Can I share the postcards I receive online?

Yes of course you can share the postcards you get. In fact, I think it’s great if you do. The swap is about inspiring each other and if you share what you make or get you’ll inspire even more people. Each creator has the copyright, but as long you’re purpose is not commercial it is […]

I only got very few postcards – what should I do?

Wait a bit longer please. Remember that things can happen. People get sick, or forget to check their e-mail. International mail can take several weeks to get to you. There is no guarantee that you will receive 10 postcards, I can not travel around the world and make people follow through on a swap they […]

There is no or an unreadable e-mail address on the...

NO e-mail address on the back of your postcard? So sorry but I can not help you. If the person sending didn’t add their e-mail to the back of their card I will assume they choose not to do that. Maybe they’re not comfortable sharing it. So I will not give out their e-mail to […]

Can I put my postcards in an envelope?

You can send the postcards in an envelope for protection if you want to, but you do not have to. Personally I prefer to get a postcard send the postcard way – without the envelope! In that way the postman will get to see it too. And also, the whole idea of mail art is […]

Do I need to write a message on the back?

Yes. You should write a message on the back! Don’t send it blank. I know you don’t know this person you’re addressing, but a blank card feels very impersonal to get. Just say hi and write something about yourself, the weather, your inspiration for the card, your materials, or anything you like. If you are […]

What should I do with the backside?

A Postcard backside consists of two areas, one for a greeting or personal message and one for the address and stamp of the receiver. You can draw these lines and areas yourself, or use my free printable backside and glue it to the back of your artwork. I think you should always add in a […]