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Art Quilt | Summer Playtime

I’ve been experimenting some with fabric and paint and sewing this summer. Just playing a bit, having fun and not expecting much of an outcome because I didn’t know what I was doing. When you have no expectations on your creation if often surprises you. Both my experiments turned out really nice and I’m pretty […]

A captured angel

My snow globe on mom’s very cool patchwork table cloth that she made before Christmas. I love how cool and colorful it came out. Related PostsPink and orange wrist warmers Illustrating Christmas Photos from my Christmas

Pillow cases l iHanna

I’m sitting here sipping my ice coffee and thinking about something to write. I’ve been wanting to post these photos of three pillow cases I made for a week now, but couldn’t come up with something to say about them. They are pillow cases, the pattern is kind of free form log cabins. They are […]

January quilt project

When mom was here in October she helped me cut squares from some of the fabrics that I’ve been collecting. I noticed I had quite some fabrics in brown shades, so I decided to make a TV-quilt in browns. I really like browns, especially in a combination with other colours like pink and orange. Mom […]