The 24th of April 2004 I wrote my very first blog post on this here blog. That is 19 years ago today. Isn’t that a long time to be doing something like this you ask? I think so too, yeah.

Hi and Welcome to iHanna's Blog - my home on the internet

Tomorrow we start our 20th year of writing blog posts, hence the title of this blog post, premature but still. To celebrate this big blogoversary I wrote my blog a wee letter, because I have nobody else in my life better suited to write to about this topic – so here goes…

Dear blog,

iHanna here. You’ve grown up with me dear blog, and now you’re a full grown person with the right to vote in Sweden! Or at least you would be if you’d been a baby then and not a database system that I filled with words, photos and thoughts all these years.

I hope you think I have been a good mother to you, because even though I haven’t had you in my stomach I have pushed you out into this world with lots of love & effort on my part. I have spent sleepless nights with you, trying to troubleshoot and find what’s bugging you and give you comfort. I have talked to support, kept you updated and tried my best to entertain your plug-ins and underpages.

I have worked hard to nourish you, love you and take care of your everyday needs – while still being gentle with myself. It’s a hard knock life, as you well know, but I did it for you, you silly old goose.

And oh, how I have loved being your mom/blogger. No, sorry, not a mom blogger, a mom to my blog. A blogging person. A person who fell in love with blogging and then years later found out that it is a pursuit without an end date. Without any end in sight? It is our never ending stoo-oory. I’m not sure how true that is, but we are actually embarking on our 20th year together. Same domain, same wordpress blog, kind f the same topic of creativity as I started with. I wonder if that is some kind of record? I have to ask Darren about that!

A Creative Year the diary of Hanna Andersson (a blog book with full color photos)

Remember that year I took loads of blog posts and made it into a book called A Creative Year – that people could order? It was so much fun, I want to do that again soon. I’m into making books at the moment, but I’ll tell you more about that later. Not today. Today it’s your blogoversary and it’s all about YOU.

Oh dear, we’ve been through a lot together. Ups and downs, lows and highs. My life. Your excistens. My life is so intertwined with you I can’t imagine who I’d be without you dear blog. I guess you’d miss me terribly too if I went away for good? I know our visitors would.

And just so you know, most blogs are abandoned after just 1 – 3 years, so you are so lucky having me as your writer! I don’t even do the “sorry I haven’t written in a while” thing to you, so that speaks volumes, right? It’s love, true love. Or obsession? Or crazy person vibes? Hmm… Let’s not go there either.

But back to all our readers.

Yes, all our beloved friends. Do you remember the many people who has visited us through the years? I remember some of them, and I feel very grateful for all of them.

I have saved all the DIY Postcards they’ve sent us, all the comments written, all the link love we’ve been given from other blogs when others still were blogging, LOL. Now it’s just you and me left (almost) in a webb full of abandoned or deleted blogs. So I guess you’ll have to take care of me in my old age.

My sweet baby growing up so fast.

Happy birthday dear blog of mine, happy birthday!

your loving mother, queen of content & instigator of creative actions all over the world