Christmas journal introduction pages being made by iHanna 2020

Here is a last video of Christmas Journaling, it is about how I created the introductory pages in my Christmas Journal. You could watch it first, if you’re new to the series, and then move on to Making a Christmas Junk Journal for myself and then continue from there, although you might save the entire playlist for next December to get you in the mood then.

It’s all up to you. In any case, if you haven’t seen it, here’s that video:

Video: Intro Christmas Pages

Let’s create the “intro pages” and explain a bit about what they actually are…

Although I feel most that I myself is very much a mess, I am extremely anal about how and when I post things on my blog. They need to be in order, and when I fall behind I get so annoyed about myself!

Anyway, in order to move into the new year I need to share the latest YouTube video here, and that is quite a big jump backwards in time, to when I made the “introduction pages” in my Christmas Journal last year – although that is my latest youtube publish. I found the material for this video on my HD and couldn’t just move past it so I had to sit down for a couple of hours and edit it and make a voice over, which is always time consuming. Then upload it, and now also way too late for my brain, blog it.

I would’ve liked to include the flip-through of this journal too (the one with a kitten cover) but I haven’t filmed that yet, so that is not possible. I would like to know if anyone else “gets” like this too? Stacking up things in your brain that needs to be done before you can move on? It’s a very difficult way of living, and it happens to me very often. :-)

Anyway, thanks for being here friend.