This post is all about our lov… obsession (!) with washi tape!

Imagine a never ending sticker – on a roll, in all the world’s most beautiful patterns and colors? And it already exists, and it is called washi tape. I think most of us already call ourselves curators of an extensive collection of this stuff already, right? And in any case, today’s prompt is “washi tape” for our Fill a tiny Journal project.

I am doing this project in a journal made by my friend Tammy, and together we put togethera list of word prompts. You can jump in at any time to fill any tiny journal you can find around your house. Or make one. Tag us and have fun!

I love that stuff!

Plus washi tape (which is simply patterned paper tape) is semi-transparent which is one of my favorite things about washi tape – so perfect for layering in a journal or notebook. Love that stuff!

I still remember when I got my first rolls and how revolutionary the idea was to me. I added a few of my favorites onto this music sheet page in the journal Tammy made me:

The right page was half filled with a pale pink paint chip, so I watercolored a background for the top and lettered in “washi tape obsession – collect and use it up” inside a washi tape border:

Fill a tiny journal: Washi Tape on an art journal page by iHanna #fillatinyjournal

Isn’t washi tape borders the happiest thing? I love how quick and easy it is to add in some bright patterns to a page using washi tape. Recently I filled a whole notebook with rainbow washi tape if you remember? So much fun!

Here’s my finished spread in my tiny journal:

Fill a tiny journal: Washi Tape on an art journal page by iHanna #fillatinyjournal

It’s pretty quick and simple, but still sweet and happy. I like it. And the tiny notebook is almost full now. Next week I’ll post the last spread already. It went quickly, don’t you think?

Fill a tiny journal: Washi Tape on an art journal page by iHanna #fillatinyjournal

Join us and fill a tiny journal

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Next up is the prompt “polka dots” – my all time favorite pattern.


More on washi tape:How to make a Washi Tape Sampler and some fun Washi tape Ideas. What’s your favorite use of washi?

Take care of yourself.