Give your own creativity time and power by deciding to be creative this month. Maybe a push in the right direction could be to sign up for my postcard swap? It will give you a goal of what to make and when to finish (end of May), and then it will continue to give in June, as postcards from others starts arriving at your door step (or mail box)!

Doesn’t it sound like fun?

Oh great, because it is time once again to sign up for the awesome DIY Postcard Swap spring 2019 edition. Yay! Go here to sign up.

Sign up for iHanna:s DIY Postcard Swap Spring 2019

If you’re new to this, please allow me to tell you a little about this swap and provide you with some inspiration…

The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.
Mary Oliver

About the Do it Yourself Postcard Swap

When you sign up for the swap you will make 10 postcards. You can choose to make them in your personal favorite style, or experiment with something you just learned. The most important thing is that they’re not bought or mass produced, but handmade. So no copies – just original art.

You will make ten handmade postcards, and wait. A few days after May 26, 2019 (last day to join), I will send you a list of 10 addresses (they could be all domestic, international, or a mix) so that you can send out your postcards. You will then be getting happy mail postcards from ten other people. Yay!

  • Frequently Asked Questions is a great resource if you have questions about size, what to write on your postcards or what to do if something isn’t working for you.  There is a lot of great information in that FAQ. Plus, it’s fun to click the headers to read the answers. :-)
  • Sign up via the information page – where you also will find the rules/guide lines of the swap, our motto, the list of benefits for swapping and any other information/inspiration you might need. And if not, just ask me.

Time to join iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap spring 2019 at

Inspiration for DIY Postcards

DIY actually means “Do It Yourself”, and you can experiment with what ever art material you already have at home. In the past I’ve made postcards in many different ways using different art materials – you can check out older blog posts of mine if you want to find some inspiration.

Here are some of my previous postcards:

Invite All Creatives #DIYpostcardSwap

Please consider sharing any one of the images from the the Swap page (scroll down to see all the new for the year buttons) on your social media, blog or in an e-mail to your contacts and friends. Don’t forget to include a link to this blog post or the Swap Page! Post an image to instagram, your Facebook-page, to twitter, your blog sidebar or a post, a Facebook group you’re in where it’s allowed to share inspiration, or anywhere you think it will be seen. The more people who hear about the swap, the more fun we all will have with getting postcards from all over the world.

And as soon as you’ve finished your first postcard, please share it online (to instagram or flickr for example) to inspire others. Tag it #DIYpostcardSwap and I will come check it out.

Please add a link below in the comments if you blog about the swap, and I’ll come check it out ASAP.

Have fun when making your 10 postcards!