Some of you might remember the DIY Planner that I designed many years ago, and that was all the rave at the time… I have since stopped using it, and when I found out about Traveler’s Notebooks, I just knew I would want to design my own little booklet for on-the-go planning and such.

So I did!

iHannas A6 Planner - Print your own today

I have made a design for regular TN’s and used that in previous years, but now I wanted one for my A6 Traveler’s Notebook, so I created one – and you can get it too! It’s a quarterly planner, so it’s okay to start on what ever quarter of the year that you want, and use it as long as you want to!

I know we’re almost half way into this quarter, but it’s on sale right now in case you want to get it for February and March, and quarter two is already up in my shop (April, May and June) so why not get both at the same time?!

I made a video showing how I printed, cut and assembled mine in the beginning of January although sharing it today. Watch it so that you can figure out if you’d like to have something similar or even get this particular planner I made…

I do love mine!

iHannas A6 Planner - polka dot cover in baby blue

I love the swirly font I used as the headers, the note papers at the back, the polka dot cover (swoon!) and the fact that I will only use it for three months and then create another one. To save paper you cut each print apart before you fold it, but all the details is in the video. Have a look

How to print your own Calendar made by iHanna

Here’s the video I made, talking about my planner and why I think everyone needs something like this. If you can’t see the video click here, and leave the video a thumbs up if you like it. I appreciate that a lot. :-)

Don’t you just want to go into your planner and start writing in it right now? Adding little stickers, jotting down goals and using some washi tape on those pages!

Get iHanna’s A6 planner here

  • Get Quarterly Planner in A6 Q1 2019, TN insert right now – it’s 50 % off!
  • Get iHanna’s Quarterly Planner in A6 Q2 [April, May June 2019]

I hope you’ll give it a try!

iHanna's A6 Planner - plan your days

If a quarterly planner is not for you, you can still get my other DIY Planner (also at 50 % off right now) before I retire it next month. So buy now if you want to have a planner for the whole year. It is un-dated so you can use it this year, next year and for the rest of your life if you want to! :-)

Although each one of the quarterly planners will have a page of “year at a glance” so that you can reference upcoming months even when your smart phone is off:

iHanna's A6 Planner - Year at a glance and planning for Q1 page

You couldn’t see it in the video, where I’m assembling my Swedish planner, but of course the one I’m selling is all in English with the US holidays in the Year at a glance-page. The first one will have a baby blue cover with pink dots and Q2 is yellow with magenta pink polka dots.

I love these polka dot covers a lot more than the one I made for me, so I’m looking forward to April already (not only because it will be spring then as well as my birthday month), when I’ll change planner to Q2! Yay!

Both the planners are available in Swedish too (!) – so if you’re interested in a Swedish version just send me an e-mail.

A6 Calendar by iHanna with Polka Dot Cover

Please let me know in the comments if you think a quarterly planner is a good idea, and if you’d like to see a “plan with me” video from me in the future? There are a gazillion planner videos about bullet journaling, ring binders, traveler’s notebook set ups and so on on YouTube, but I have never done one… It might be fun? Let me know.

iHanna's A6 Planners - Click to get the planner booklets in the shop #DIY

I hope you’ll try out my cute Quarterly A6 Planner – download, print and cut the pages straight away so that you can watch the video, and assemble yours along with me.

Let’s get this year started! Right – it’s about time. Heh.