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This weekend I took a workshop that was arranged by my local embroidery group. The teacher was called Lotta Frost, and she has made some beautiful things in paper with stitching. We learned some new-to-us ways to stitch on paper, which was fun. You might have seen some of it in my stories on instagram if you follow me there.

Stitch with love Workshop

Learning new things is always invigorating to me, especially when you get to dive into topics you are already passionate about. And I love embroidery! Sewing on paper is something I have tried before a couple of times, but not like this. I look forward to explore it more, sewing on sturdier paper, which you do by poking the wholes before you start sewing, kind of making a path forward before you start walking on it.

Let me know below if you’d be interested in seeing my finished sampler book from the workshop, and I will get to photographing it on a day when we got some light here. :-)

Taking this workshop made me think of my own online workshop on embroidery, Stitch with Heart, and the fact that I did get some wonderful feedback on it. I thought I’d share what Arielle wrote to me here today, like a customer’s testimonial kind of thing, as well as showing you her awesome Artist Trading Cards! I’m pretty sure you’ll be inspired by them and either start exloring on your own or maybe even signing up for the workshop to learn something new from me?!

Inspired by Stitch with love Workshop by iHanna www.ihanna.nu/workshops

Sprinkle Love by Arielle. For this one Arielle used colored pencil and embroidery floss, and in the process made both herself and me hungry for cupcakes…

Customer testimonial for the Embroidery Workshop

Some feedback sent to me by Arielle, who took the workshop Stitch with Love when it was first released:

I had so much fun with your Stitched With Love mini workshop! I was so excited to see you offer a class finally. […]

ATCs arent an art form I have tried before, despite being quite a dabbler. Thank you for making me stretch myself creatively!

I thoroughly enjoyed your videos, pdf, and free printables! I really enjoyed trying different stitches, and being mindful while trying mindless stitches. I also enjoyed learning the Y stitch!

I didnt have any paint in my stash, and didnt want to purchase any new supplies, so I had fun improvising.

Thank you for always encouraging us to think outside the box, use what we have, and make the project our own whenever we want.

PS: Although I love new art supplies just as much as the next crafter, just like you often say, sometimes its fun to find new ways to use our old supplies, too.

Arielle Carlson

Inspired by Stitch with love Workshop

Y Knot Love by Arielle. She used colored pencil for the outline and crayon for the fill. The Y-stitch is one of the stitches demonstrated in the workshop.

I teach a couple of different ways to sew a free-form heart in this workshop, but I loved seeing Arielle incorporating a sea creature in her ATC too:

Inspired by Stitch with love Workshop

Oceans of Love byArielle. She used colored pencils for the heart and fill color, embroidery floss for the mindless stitching of confetti around it, and seed beads for the jellyfish. For his tentacles she used the leftover frayed thread that comes off new fabric after you wash and dry it. Arielle said: “Ive been collecting that frayed thread for years, and was so excited to find a purpose for some of it in this project.”

Feel free to sign up if you want to challenge yourself to do something new and exciting:

Read more about Stitch with Love Workshop here.

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