We’re in the beginning of September and the week number of the year is 37. Not sure you have week numbers in your calendar, but if you do you already know this. But on posting my collages for 365 collages in 2018, I’m on week 34. So if I could post just three more weeks this week, I’d be caught up. That isn’t really realistic, but at least I know what I am getting closer to getting caught up again.

But tomorrow we’ll take a break from collages for a VLOG – a.k.a. video log. I’m excited. I hope you’ll be too.

Open Season - Collage no 233 by iHanna
Open Season, collage by iHanna.

When Im by myself, I can be myself, which is what I want to be. Not just a part of someone else. Jean Culligan

Yes, it’s true.

I will be sharing my very first vlog tomorrow (Yay!). It is something I’ve been wanting to do for many years, so I’ve collected video clips everywhere, without getting to the point where I share them. But now I’ve edited the first one!

So stay tuned, subscribe to posts via e-mail (although embedded video is often not visible via e-mail, but then all you need to do is click the header in the e-mail to come visit and see the embedded video material) or check your RSS Feed Reader for a new blog post tomorrow! Or just watch this space. Here’s seven new collages for now.

Happy Monday friends!

Branch Out - Collage no 234 by iHanna
Branch Out, collage by iHanna.

Invest for the Future - Collage no 235 by iHanna
Invest for the Future, collage by iHanna.

The Attic Window is Open - Collage no 236 by iHanna
The Attic Window is Open, collage by iHanna.

Sleepless Trees - Collage no 237 by iHanna
Sleepless Trees, collage by iHanna.

Nature's Repetition - Collage no 238 by iHanna
Nature’s Repetition , collage by iHanna.

Clear Path - Collage no 232 by iHanna
Clear Path, collage by iHanna.

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Bonus collages: Feel free to take a look at the 2013 week 34 of collages, when I did a 365 project. And leave me a comment there too, I read them all and feel very grateful if you take the time. :-)

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