Make Jewelry from Wood Beads

A great Summer Craft Idea, is bringing out a bowl of painted wood beads, and stringing them together to make wood bead jewelry.

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Making Wood bead jewelry and sipping my coffee

Slow down with beading

You can sit down by yourself, and have a quiet moment with your coffee. Most people consider colorful wood beads a craft material for children, but I love the look of them.

I have painted naked wood beads myself but prefer the glossy, finished one you can buy in big jars at the craft store (often kid’s section though).

Wood bead jewelry

I love the different sizes and bright colors of wood beads, and I’m a big fan of the price range (much cheaper than glass or metal beads). Sometimes I find a bag of them at the flea market in summer, when some kid has cleared out their own craft cupboard. Score for me. Yay!

Stringing beads together is a great way to slow down and be mindful for a moment. Listen to the birds outside, or a slow tune on Spotify.

Wood bead jewelry

Of course you can also invite the kids if you want to – and let them in on the fun. Use big beads, set out a tray so they don’t roll away and relax. Let them string the beads on elastic string, and tie a bead with a knot at the end so that the beads don’t roll away all over the floor. ;-)

Have fun crafting!

Wood bead jewelry

Feel free to share what you’re working on in the comments below, I’d love to know.

Another awesome idea for summer crafting outdoors or on the road is of course embroidery – another one of my favorites and the idea of perler beads I shared in the beginning of summer.

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  1. Love all your photography, Hanna! The bright happy colors, the fun angles – definitely made me smile! I’ve been cross stitching and making cards this summer whenever I get a spare moment. Also collecting things I want to use in a Randomousity Journal! Hope you’re having a happy summer!

  2. I remember how I loved to string beads as a kid… or in wintertime, peanuts for the birds :) it is relaxing indeed! I created an ATC and I’ve been again working in my journals after doing almost nothing for weeks because of the heatwave. I plan to pick up the Japanese embroidery (Sashiko) again to alter my jean jacket (I ‘did’ a jacket for my son in June and fell in love with the technique, the photos are on my blog in case you are interested). Embroidery brought me in that ‘Zen mood’ that we all need every now and then. Enjoy your weekend

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