Printed Postcards from my Art Journal

I took some artwork from my art journals and made printed postcards. They turned out very beautiful, and even though I want to keep them all, I have a few copies of each one. So you can grab yourself a pack right now, if you’re fast…

Yummy printed art journal postcards

I am thrilled with the result, and the whole idea of bringing the art journal art out into the world! It is something I wanted to do for years before I finally sat down and did it, and now I want to create more products like these.

It is such a fun experience when, all of a sudden, my art is transformed into a “design” and printed on card-stock with that glossy postcard finish.

A little abstract painting becomes a colorful postcard

I rather randomly picked a few different art journal pages to use as postcard designs, and sent them of to the printer when I ordered the colorful collage business cards from Moo.

Printed postcards from Moo spilling out of my Art Journal

From the ten designs I had printed, I made three three different bundles of three different designs in each bundle. I had one extra that I did not really like enough to sell, so I’ll include that as a bonus in future sales.

Printed postcards from iHanna's Art Journal pages

I can’t pick a favorite myself, but would love to know what your favorite is? Here is the Bird Bundle, of three different birds:

DIY Postcards has come to mean handmade postcards for me, since that is what we exchange in the DIY Postcard Swap I host. But of course they can also be “designed postcards”, as in prints of your art or your photographs (although not for the swap I host, because that is about original artwork sent out – but for yourself, made as gifts or for selling).

Abstract Printed Postcards by iHanna (printed by Moo)

I didn’t add any words digitally this time. I want the art to speak for it self, and I think it does. The backside is also custom made by me, and there is room for a personalized greeting. Next time I really want to make folded greeting cards, more appropriate for birthdays and gift giving.

iHanna's pile of printed postcards from Moo

It was a while back when I decided to print new business cards, in the awesome square size that Moo now offers, that I saw that you can also make your own postcards on their site, with a custom backside (which is a must for me as a control freak). I couldn’t resist uploading some of my art to make my own personalized postcards, and when the box arrived I just fell in love with them.

The fact that they are from my art journal makes them even dearer to me, as painting inside an art journal is just for fun – but now that is turned into a product that can be seen outside the journal, I think that it makes me even happier.

For sale: kit of 3 printed postcards (the birds)

My Art Journal Postcards are available in my Etsy Shop in bundles of three, so go get one for yourself. You can send them to friends and family of course, or tape them into your own journal and be inspired by the happy colors when you flip through it. That’s what I’m doing with mine.

Bluebird original and printed postcard by iHanna

Sorry! The bird kit, that included my bluebird painting, is already sold out! It happened after I announced that it was available to the Studio iHanna Newsletter. So if you want to be sure to be notified about future promotions and sales, make sure you’re on the Newsletter.

Printed Postcard Kits available

Printed postcard backside in pink

Once the postcards are gone, I will not print more of these particular designs, so grab your favorite bundle ASAP.

If you’re interested in buying a future bundle of postcards (with new designs, your suggestions on what I should pick are welcome), let me know and I’ll have a better idea of how many postcards I should print in the future. Thank you.

Print your own Postcards

Print your own Moo Postcards, get 20 % off your first order via iHannaIf you want to design your own stickers, business cards or postcards (like the ones I made), you can order them from the company Moo. Click my affiliate link below and you will get 20 % of your first order (and I get a few euros too, to no cost for you):

Get 20 % off your first order from Moo today.

Even if you don’t have a store, I think having a pile of postcards like this is so fun! You can send your own paintings or design out in RAK:s, swaps, to pen pals, friends or relatives – or like I mentioned above, make them into new elements in your Art Journal! The possibilities are endless!

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  1. Your postcards turned out beautifully!! It’s so much fun to see how your artwork looks in an art journal, and on a postcard! So neat!

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